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Place to visit in Tokyo - Asakusa

Tokyo has mix culture with old and new. While shibuya or Roppongi is fast changing new character of the city, Asakusa is the Shitamachi, traditional area where an atmosphere of the Tokyo of past survives.

Among our couple from overseas, Asakusa is one of the popular areas to take pictures, to capture images with the oldest temple in Tokyo, as well as vivid colors of shops.

In high season, you expect to waddle slowly down the main street with the huge crowd. But there are many hidden pass and alley ways that you can find plenty of peace and quiet time.

Last month, I had a beautiful couple from Hong Kong who wanted to experience a holiday in Tokyo, and I had privilege to capture a few hours of their date, with an authentic Japanese experience.

If you walk along historic area of Asakusa, kimono suits very well. Kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing that they used to wear 100 years ago, but they still wear for some special occasions like weddings or festivals.

Kimono are know to be expensive. in fact, some wedding kimono costs at least 60,000 yen just for rental, or 1M yen to buy. But there are many shops that rent casual kimono for just few hours. Just visit there, and choose from wide range of options.

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