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Hawaii meets Japan - engagement photo session in Tokyo

wedding photo at shrine in Tokyo

I love Hawaii more than any other travel destinations.

Before the covid, we used to visit the beautiful islands every year, either for a wedding-day coverage, a documentary family session, or just simple vacations.

Last month, Aura and Kapono, couple from the Big Island, visited Japan for their wedding cerebration.  

Hawaii was the best place for the wedding, I considered.

But for them, Japan is their dreamy country, and always wished to visit for their special day.  What a coincidence.

It was June 22nd that they planned a Japanese style wedding ceremony in Odawawara.  Unfortunately, my day had been booked already by the time they contacted me.

However, they didn’t want to stop there.

They loved our photography so much that the couple created extra photo session time on two days before, as their pre-wedding session.

A custom Shooting locations and schedule planning 

Many wedding photo companies in Tokyo have their packaged plans, with fixed locations or schedule.

Instead, our wedding photo is all flexible.

First we ask for their desired atmosphere or locations, then offer you a few options.

In their case, they wanted to visit some place showing traditional part of Japan, while not far from Shinjuku, where their hotel.

Then I asked them about their outfits.

Depending on your dress, we have different places to offer

We determine the shooting locations in three different type of outfits

L.1  Casual clothing

L2   semi-formal style dress

L3   formal wedding dress / kimono

With L1, we can visit any places for the photo, no problem

When you start to wear somewhat dressy, especially with white color, we start to have some limitations.  Some places like a shopping mall or commercial area, we get restrictions.  Still, options are wide.

When you wear a formal style dress, that look totally like a wedding, or with long skirt, we definitely need a photo permission in advance, with fees

wedding photo at Shinjuku Gyoen

First meet at a local park near Shinjuku station.

We decided to visit Nezu Shrine for their photo destination, but they wanted to have a first meet before heading to there.

Initially they planned to have their meet at hotel.

But it was APA Hotel, a rather boring place to have their important moment.

So instead, I offered a park about five minutes walking from their hotel.

Atmosphere we chose looked somewhat like a place in Hawaii.  But at least, more beautiful than hotel lobby!

OK, this is it for now.

Please enjoy rest of images from their pre-wedding session in Tokyo

bozphoto & styles is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. We travel all over Japan and other places for your proposal or capturing any other beautiful moments.

If you would like to have an fun experience during the stay in Japan, with some photography, please feel free to contact us!


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