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Proposal under the Tokyo Tower

Capturing a proposal moment is one of the popular offer we have last few years.

Besides their desired locations, I often counsel how to do, or when to do, with very specific details.

Last summer, this nice guy from Arizona, USA, send us a message asking a good way to proposal to his long-time girlfriend under the Tokyo Tower.

Usually I tell clients that they should do a casual session together first for one hour, then when we arrive at the SITE, and when I give him a cue, he pop up the ring.

That way, I can capture the best moment with the best angle possible, with both of them in happy faces.

But this time, he wanted to make everything secret, even hiring a photographer. Basically, I never had a chance to meet them until the MOMENT.

So what I had to do?

First, I told him the exact location to bring his girl friend, using a point mart on google map, including a photo from the Street View.

Then I explained him what time they should arrive, around 4 pm when the sun light started to get nice.

I also drew a picture instructing which angle they should stand so that I can capture faces of both, while Tokyo Tower is visible on the background.

Yes, very specific!!

So, how did it go?

The moment went so beautiful.

Angle… well, it was OK.

I told him to stand each other while the tower is located on their shoulder side. But somehow, he stood his back facing me. Oh no, I can’t see his face!!

At least, I was able to capture fiancé’s surprising face, and she replied YES!

After the proposal very successful, we spent another two hours taking pictures of their couple session, at Zojoji temple and a park nearby. It was a lovely day.


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