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A couple photo with night life scenes in Asakusa, Tokyo

Up to recently, Asakusa was the brightest area of Tokyo, until Shibuya or Shinjuku took over the position.

But still the area is vivid, and one of the most popular tourist destinations, with crowd of people on the main street.

When you come back to Asakusa at night, you see a different character.

The street is filled with rows of old school pubs.

Unless fashionable restaurants in Shibuya, bars in Asakusa are more down to earth, and seats are taking over the streets.

Started last Autumn, I get to visit the area at night, as many of our oversea guests love to take pictures on this red-neoned vivid street.

And yes, after the shoot, we drink some cheap beers and chicken sticks together lol

bozphoto & styles is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. We travel all over Japan and other places for your proposal or capturing any other beautiful moments.

If you would like to have an fun experience during the stay in Japan, with some photography, please feel free to contact us!


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