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Wedding and Family photographer in Tokyo

Japan is beautiful.
Let me capture memories of your Journey.

Each couple has a story to tell.  With experiences as a photojournalist in the past, we capture good memories and experiences of your special day in documentary style.


Please share your stories with us, and we will capture a moment of life in beautiful images.  From Tokyo to any places in Japan or, we are here for you.

Cherry Blossom season

Japan has very unique characters in each four seasons.  But cherry blossom, or called sakura in Japanese, gives you attract people the most.  

As a sign of coming of Spring, it is only time you are officially allow to have sake picnic outdoor, and spend cheerful time.

We are based in Tokyo, but ready to travel any places in Japan to catch the sakura, between early March to end of April.

bozphoto & styles members

we are bozphoto & styles

bozphoto & styles is a boutique of two photographers and one producer / stylist that specialized in creative documentary and family photography.   We are dedicated to giving you images that celebrate special time of your life and create moments very special.


Based in Tokyo, Japan, we travel all over Japan and overseas.


The chief photographer is Tsutomu, or many westerns call him “Tom”.  At age of 19, he moved Seattle, then to Northern California, to study photojournalism at San Jose State University.   His first career started at Napa Valley Register, a newspaper in a beautiful wine country.   As spending 9 years in the United States, he returned to Japan, opened photography studio.   

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