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Place to visit in Tokyo - Nezu Shrine

Tokyo is harmoniously blended with modern city feeling and the traditional of Japan.

For our couple with casual kimono, we visited Nezu Shrine, one of the oldest shrine in Japan, built back in 1300 years ago.

For more information about casual kimono, or other kinds of kimono that we offer, please check our previous blog post.

Anyway, not only the oldest, but shrine itself is kinda legend of Tokyo, because almost everything in Tokyo was destroyed by air raid in 1945, during the World War II.

The shrine has a few different sections in the precinct, and my favorite area is a tunnel of vermilion torii gates, just like Kyoto’s renowned Fushimi Inari Shrine.

It is not as big or as long-lined as Fushimi Inari, but its compact size is kinda cute and beautiful in its own right.

Here, we enjoyed a few hours of vacation session with this pretty couple from Indonesia. It was their first trip to Japan, and their honeymoon, too!

Please check rest of their photos.

bozphoto & styles is a Tokyo based photography company, offering elopement or engagement sessions, pre-weddings, wedding day, family photo or more.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Love to help capturing your beautiful stories in Japan!


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