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Are there different types of kimonos?

The word kimono comes from two characters: Ki to wear, and Mono meaning thing. So kimono technically means a thing to wear, or just clothing.

It was what people used to wear for over 1,000 years in Japan, until western influence arrived. Now we wear western clothing most of times, but we still love to wear kimono for some special occasions. And so do many of our couples for their photo sessions.

Traditional kimonos come in variety of styles. One article shows about 9 different types. Or I think more if you specify.

But for now, let me explain the difference in three versions.

That way, you can decide what to wear in case you want to have a photo session with those beautiful outfits.

(1) Casual kimono

(2) Formal kimono (furisode)

(3) Wedding Kimono (shiromuku, Irouchi)

They are the three types of kimonos. It is more complicated, but don’t worry about it for now.

First, Casual Kimono.

Sometimes that you can wear for everyday, for just to hang out with your friends. That’s the casual kimono.

If you visit traditional part of tourist spots, such as Asakusa, Kamakura, Kyoto, or Nara, there are shops that you can rent causal kimono for pretty reasonable price.

They offer around 4,000 yen - 8,000 yen for half-day rental, and you can hangout the town.

Compared to other more formal types of kimono, casual one is lightweight and easy to walk around with. It is the most popular option for our clients, too.

Second, formal kimono.

Or we call it Furisode.

It is a style of kimono distinguishable by its long sleeves, and is the most formal style worn by unmarried women.

They are worn for special events like graduations or someone’s weddings.

If you want to know more specific explanations, you may check Wikipedia page.

Anyway, because it is formal, those they are more expensive.

If you choose to wear furisode style, bozphoto & styles has about 40 different furisode kimono to choose from and prices rages from 15,000 yen - 45,000 yen for rental.

Once you pick the one you like, we bring it to your hotel and help to put it on.

And third one.

Wedding kimono.

Majority of case, bride wear white wedding kimono, called Shiromuku.

Like western wedding gown, white means purity or innocence etc.

Some people like to wear more colored kimono for weddings.

It is called Irouchi. Red one is the most popular, but there are ones with gold or black patterns, too.

Price ranges between 45,000 yen - 60,000 yen for the rental.


Besides the price, there is one thing to consider about what to wear for your photo session, your access.

Many photo locations in Tokyo now ask you for permit application in advance, once they consider your outfits are wedding related. They usually ask you range from 1,000 yen to 30,000 yen fee, also.

What is wedding related outfits? Anything that look formal formal kimono is considered as “wedding related,” at most locations.

So, if you want to avoid the fees and make it easier, choose casual kimono.

But if you think Furisode or Shiromuku kimono is so attractive and want to try on for your session, let me help you, including application process.


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