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Kimono wedding session under the Autumn leaves

Wedding ceremonies in Japan follow various styles.

The western style with white gown, and having the oath at a Christian church is the popular way these days. However, last ten years or so, trend with the traditional styles, is getting back.

Until the western influences, the couple, especially the bride, were expected to change a range of outfits throughout the wedding day.

At first, bride wears a white wedding kimono called Shiromuku, meaning pure white.

After the ceremony is over and when the couple is officially the new family, bride change to Iro-Uchikake, a colorful gown. Kinda means I accepting the values and ideas of the grooms families (by putting their colors)

Well, whatever traditional meaning is, kimono still beautiful.

And this couple from Korea, wanted to experience a Japanese style before the actual wedding day.

So, we took them to Tonogayato Gardens, a place with peaceful pocket of greens, located in about 40 min. from Tokyo central.

The best time is off course, end of November when riot of color in autumn comes in.

Though it wasn’t their actual wedding day, we had so many visitor of the garden congratulating them during the session, made them so happy.

Like real wedding day, they couple rented two versions of kimono for their 2 hours experience



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