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Elopement Wedding Photo session under sakura

Elopement wedding is one of the trend for our clients for last one year. I get many couple asking me to set up a scene for their small wedding, under sakura, in surrounded by green nature, or in front to Tokyo Tower etc.

Until this couple from Sweden that photographed four years ago, I didn’t know about the word “elopement wedding.” When the bride ask me “elopement”, I was like “what? did you just escape from your family? Sounds like the old-school legend movie “graduation” lol

Their story was not as controversial as the movie, but truly romantic.

It was their first trip to Japan, and wanted to have a small intimate wedding at Swedish embassy. But before that, they wanted to have something special about the Japan, and the season they visited.

So, I took them to my favorite garden in Tokyo. It was a little early for sakura to bloom that year. Yeah, sakura is like moody girl that its peak moment changes every year. But luckily, this garden offered you about ten different types of sakura that blooms in different type, and we captured ones that welcomed us at the right time!

So what about this year? It sound like it start to bloom around 21st, and fully opens on 31st. If you are visiting Japan this Spring, get ready for the time!

bozphoto & styles is a Tokyo based photography company, offering elopement or engagement sessions, pre-weddings, wedding day, family photo or more. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Love to help capturing your beautiful stories in Japan!


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