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sakura family photo with kimono like 753 style

Within a few month, one of the most beautiful seasons, sakura time is coming. If you are visiting Tokyo during cherry blossom time with your family, why don’t to experience in Japanese traditional way?

A few years ago, I had a family from Hong Kong, who asked us 753 style photo session during their visit.

753, or Shichi-Go-San in Japanese, it is a traditional event that held in celebration of children’s growth.

In ancient time, Japanese people considered 7, 5, and 3 as lucky numbers.

Also, back in time, infant mortality was high and many people waited until their kids were three year of age to the family registry.

When kids turn to those ages of lucky numbers, they wear traditional dress, like kimono, and visit a local shinto shrine to pray for future good heath.

Traditionally, 753 cerebration took place on November 15th.

But last ten years, it can happen any time of the year, when a family think good time to wear kimono and take a memorial photos together.

So, this Japan-loving Hong Kong family followed this trend, asked us to prepared kimono and have their son in ceremonial finery, and send the photo out to friends and family.

First, we visited their hotel in Shinjuku, and brought prepared kimono for them. Then visited the most famous park for sakura in Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen for a photo opportunity.

It turned out, it was the best time, sakura petals were evenly filled on the ground like a pinky carpet.

OK, enough for the explanation. Please enjoy the rest of images.


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