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A beautiful surprise proposal under sakura in Tokyo

it was first time that Benny and Nicolette visited Japan during the cherry blossom season.

In this memorial trip, Benny decided to step up their 10-year relationship, and organize a lovely surprise proposal under front of fully bloomed sakura trees.

I have a lot of inquires for proposal projects, but usually it starts as a couple session first, then when we arrive at a spot that he wants to create the moment, I give him a cue that camera is ready, and he pop out the ring.

But this time, Benny wanted to make everything secret to her until the moment.

So, we started to discuss the details about a month ago, which park to visit, where at the park exactly they need to position, and how I can approach them without her suspension.

Unfortunately, it was raining so hard on that day.

As a photographer, I actually like shooting in the rain, as rain adds some nice atmosphere, with pinky carpet on the ground, and also keeps the crowd away.

In fact, at the park where hundreds of people having picnics, it was their exclusive time.

Whilst capturing the moment itself, I also allow time for a small portrait session afterwards. As far as package goes, I visit the park at least 15 min. early to scout the site and do some planing to avoid mishaps of the moment.

bozphoto & styles is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. We travel all over Japan and other places for your proposal or capturing any other beautiful moments.


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