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engagement photo session in Hawaii

Before the pandemic, we often traveled to overseas for wedding sessions. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Aspen Colorado, Paris, Bali, and so on.

Out of those, Hawaii was one of my favorite.

During a personal trip to Honolulu, my friend introduced me a couple, who started dating about six months before. As we made some conversation for a few min. they felt love with my work, and asked me if I have a spare time for a dating session.

I was like sure! Then took me to a few of secret places they only a local knows in Oahu.

A few days after the photo session was done, I posed some photos on facebook tagging bride’s name (as they agreed to do so), and titled “engagement photo.”

Within a hour, many of their friends mentioned “wow, you guys are engaged?” “I knew you were together sometimes” all those happy comments.

Turned out, they actually had the wedding ceremony after six months, with me as a photographer!

bozphoto & styles is a Tokyo based photography company, capturing engagement, family and wedding images. We travel all over Japan or anywhere in the world. For details about our documentary photo session, please feel free to contact us.


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