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Place to Visit in Tokyo - Inokashira Park

Updated: Jan 31

The Kichijoji area often tops Tokyo's most-desirable-place-to-live list, primarily because vast and lovely Inokashira Park is just minutes away from Kichijoji Station, and Shibuya and Shinjuku are both relatively close. Head out here for a day of relaxing recreation on boats and under trees, followed by an evening of authentic Japanese food and drink as you tour the standing bars of Harmonica Yokocho Alley.

The park is very poplar destination for Ohanami, or drinking party during the cherry blossom season. It is pretty walking under sakura, but not ideal season for the photo session as the whole park gets as packed as Shibuya crossing.

The best time is Autumn, red leaves season, between end of Nov. to early December.

Our office is located just one min. from the park.

It is so convenient that as you finish hair & make up and kimono / dress on, you can just walk into the park and start enjoying vivid color of forest area.

While Autumn is the best recommended, other season is also beautiful as well. it is a home to a vast flock of wild birds, so you'll find the trees alive with the sounds of birdsong, while hoots, honks, squeaks and growls can be heard from Inokashira Park Zoo on the west side of the park.

Still want to take pictures under the sakura at Inokashira Park?

You can, but early morning is suggested, before drinking party start to gather up.

When you have enough photos with the nature, we can walk up to the shopping area around Kichijouji station. You'll find yourself in the creatively named Harmonica Yokocho—a collection of alleys with bars and eateries that come alive in the evening.

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